Be Aware and Beware of What You Apply on Your Skin!
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Formulating cosmetic and skincare products is an ancient art. Originally these products contained simple, naturally fou
Truly Multipurpose - Purvari’s Rosewater Mist
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We are always running against the clock, chasing dreams and making things happen. And while we are out there tackling b
Rosewater for Emotional Health
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Every once in a while, we all experience stress, fatigue and a feeling of being overwhelmed with everything around us.
Not all Rosewaters are alike
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Not all rosewaters available in the market are alike. How then, would you distinguish between those that are pure and t
How To Use Rosewater For Dry Skin
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Rosewater is becoming one of the essential ingredients for skincare, especially for those with dry skin.
Wild Roses Or Hybrid Varieties?
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Roses have been in our hearts ever since humans have set their eyes upon this passionate flower. Being the pride of many ancient royal gardens, roses have proved their worth in ornamental as well as medicinal and cosmetic purposes.
Does Grandma’s Rose Water Still Work?
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Grandma knows best – especially when it comes to natural remedies and homemade recipes. When it comes to skincare, her advice was always to steer away from any chemical cosmetics as they make you feel momentarily glamorous, but do more harm than good in the long run.
Little Drops of Purity
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Known for their delicate beauty and wonderful fragrance, roses have always been a symbol of love and beauty. The significance of the rose has been celebrated in art, literature, poetry and mythology throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Rosewater - to Protect Your Skin from All the Stress
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The mind and the skin are intertwined in many more ways than we know of. Some, if not all skin troubles take their roots in the mind.

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