Using only two ingredients: pure water and the petals of organic Ganganagri and Pushkar wild roses. The rose petals are hand-picked in small batch harvests and grown without any pesticides or harmful fertilizers that could corrupt the integrity of our product or inhibit its skin benefits.


Our rose petal water is clearly marked, “steamed distillate rosa damascena,” which lets you know that it was made by steam-distilling pure rose petals. The time-intensive process of distilling the rose petals results in a product rich in the potent natural properties of the petal itself.



Locking in the beneficial nutrients of the rose itself, it’s rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and vitamin C that fight aging and restore skin health. It also balances oil, reduce redness, tones, hydrates and contains anti-inflammatory properties while it visibly brightens skin.


At Purvari…

We nurture the luminous beauty of your complexion with the healing wisdom of nature. Led by the mission to keep our planet and its creatures as healthy and pure as nature made them, we specialize in luxurious planet based, natural skin care products that care for the blooming
health of your skin.



Use as a primer before applying your makeup

Mist to set makeup after application
(our natural rose petal mist has no oils there is no fear of bleeding mascara!)

Hydrate throughout the day and get naturally glowing skin

Spray after applying your favorite lotion to lock in moisture

Enhance the glow and spray on your sheet mask

Use as a natural and non-toxic deodorant

Guys, replace your after shave with Purvari

Mix into your favorite dry powder mask

Spritz onto dry hair between washes to give your locks a sweet scent

Use it to cool down… our natural rose petal mist instantly helps you refresh, reinvigorate

Toss it into your gym bag for an after workout spritz

Lock in moisture by misting after applying hand cream

Mix fresh lemon juice into your rosewater spray for a skin lightening effect

Reduce dark under eye circles by soaking two cotton pads in rosewater,
close eyes and cover under eye area

Use as makeup remover

Spritz for a midday pick-me-up

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