Not all Rosewaters are alike

Not all rosewaters available in the market are alike. How then, would you distinguish between those that are pure and those that are concoctions of various other chemical ingredients? Many of these ingredients are included not because they have beneficial nutrients to heal the skin, but because they extend the shelf life of the product itself. Floral waters and extracts are prepared by steam distillation, the delicate volatile aromas of the plant are not destroyed, and the nutrients that give your skin that shining glow remain intact.

The quality of rosewater that you buy makes all the difference. Your skin will definitely see the results.

Let’s take a look at a few things that influence the quality of rosewater:

How the roses are grown

The quality of the rosewater starts with the health of the plant, the soil and the growing conditions. If chemicals and pesticides were used to grow roses, they ultimately find their way into the final product. The soil health also impacts the quality of roses, and in turn, the quality of the rosewater that is distilled from them. So, it is essential that roses are grown in the most natural weather conditions. Hybrid varieties that are artificially grown may not produce the same quality rosewater as the wild roses that grow under natural conditions.

How the roses are distilled

High quality rosewater is prepared by steam distillation and is distilled just once so that it retains its purest form. The speed of distillation, the heat at which it is distilled, and the proportion of water to rose petals – everything matters when it comes to preparing a quality product.

Other ingredients

In order to preserve rosewater, it passes many times through a process called irradiation, and additives such as alcohol, parabens and fungicides are used to keep it clean. Other ingredients such as synthetic rose fragrances are added to standardize the scent from batch to batch and color may be added to give it a rosy look. As a result, it’s impossible to detect what the rosewater goes though at every stage of the beauty supply chain. Authentic rosewaters, on the other hand, have only two ingredients -- rose petals and water. The natural goodness of the rose petals are preserved and your skin benefits from the purity and the loads of nutrients that stay intact.

Synthetic rosewaters?

It’s a fact that some rosewaters are created synthetically in a lab. They are simple mixtures of water with other rose extracts that may not have all the essential nutrients that keep your skin healthy and glowing. Nature has a lot to offer and no replica can be exactly duplicated in a lab. Rosewater created by distillation of actual rose-petals retains all the natural properties that give your skin a shining glow.

When you care enough for your skin, also be conscious about what you apply on it.

At Purvari, we believe in the purity of the planet and its gifts. Carefully blending pristine floral waters, undiluted herbal extracts, and soothing natural minerals, we gather the best of what nature has to offer so that you get naturally glowing skin that grows in beauty and vitality.

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