We were feautured in Think Dirty's Jan Beauty Box

We are starting 2020 off with a bang! Purvari was just featured in Think Dirty’s January Beauty Box. 

Think Dirty is a fantastic tool to keep toxins out of our daily lives. Think Dirty is an app that keeps it simple to use. All you have to do is scan the barcode of a beauty product and Think Dirty will give you a rating of the product's toxic credentials from a 0-10 basis (lower is better), as well as information on ingredients, certifications, and health impacts. 

Each month Think Dirty sends out a box, partnering with rated clean 0-3 beauty brands who are on the same mission to bring non-toxic beauty to your door. Each box comes with nine hand-picked clean beauty products, on top of Think Dirty swag goodies and lots of love.

Purvari was picked out of thousands of skin care products because of the purity in our product and our ingredients. To maintain the purity of our rose water, Purvari ensures that the roses are grown without pesticides, and harmful fertilizers and only two ingredients are used, pure water & the petals of organic wild roses.

The rose petals are processed with steam distillation that gently coaxes fresh petals to release microscopic droplets of rose oil and water-soluble nutrients. The petals are distilled only once and hence maintain all their natural goodness.

It’s no wonder that Think Dirty would choose Purvari as one of this months’ features.

Right by our side were also brands that we love and trust like Johnmasters Organics, Henne Organics, Natural Vitality, Pure + Simple, RMS Beauty, Bare Essentials Organics, and Inkling Scents.

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