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We nurture the luminous beauty of your complexion with the healing wisdom of nature. Led by the mission to keep our planet and its creatures as healthy and pure as nature made them, Purvari specializes in luxurious plant-based, organic skin care products that care for the blooming health of your skin. Carefully blending pristine floral waters, undiluted herbal extracts, and soothing natural minerals, Purvari gathers the best of what nature has to offer so that you get naturally glowing skin that grows in beauty and vitality.

Our Philosophy

At Purvari, we believe in the purity of the planet and its gifts.  Relying on the same holistic recipes that have been used for thousands of years to care for the skin, our 100% vegan products contain organic flowers, leaves, and roots grown in nutrient-dense soil and harvested by hand. Unlike many natural lines that use only a limited selection of plants in heavily diluted formulations, we combine a diverse array of natural botanicals, taken directly from their source, to create healing blends that work synergistically to bring balance to your skin.

From wild herbs that spring from the flowing glacial waters of the Himalayas to roses grown organically on India’s fertile farmland, we cultivate and forage the same botanicals that have been used for centuries—no modern hybrids, GMOs, or toxic pesticides. Dependent on the natural cycles of the earth and the seasonal harvest, our formulas are made in small batches and packed with natural antioxidants that protect and refine the skin. Our silky textures and decadent scents are 100% natural and untouched by chemical ingredients—proving that nature truly is the only luxury we need.

Our Heritage

Purvari founder and artist, Purvi Sahu, began her career as an actress and classical dancer. As a young model, Purvi’s skin revolted under layers of heavy makeup and harsh lights. In search of a healthy complexion, Purvi turned to her mother and grandmother—Ayurveda practitioners knowledgeable in the ancient wisdom of a 3000-year-old herbal tradition. Blending natural herbs and plants, Purvi’s mother created holistic skincare for her daughter that soothed and balanced the teen’s temperamental skin.

Years later, when Purvi became a mother herself, she returned to pure plant, natural skincare products. When her son, Ari, developed severe eczema as an infant, Purvi tried everything to soothe her baby’s skin. Faced with the prospect of using steroid creams that could lead to serious long-term side effects, Purvi returned to the therapeutic recipes passed down through her family, healing Ari’s skin with handmade balms and oils.   

Inspired by her own firsthand knowledge of the restorative power of plants, Purvi created Purvari, an organic rose water and mist product line designed to nurture the complexion with wholesome, chemical-free nourishment that’s as pristine and natural as skin itself.

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