Truly Multipurpose - Purvari’s Rosewater Mist

We are always running against the clock, chasing dreams and making things happen. And while we are out there tackling business problems head-on, we want to look gorgeous, too. Mornings are always chaos and your cluttered vanity case does not make anything easier! Too many cosmetics from so many brands - each with a different promise - to hydrate, to cleanse, to tone, to moisturize, to lighten, brighten, de-tan… the list goes on. Your chaotic mornings get even more messy with so little time for skincare and beauty routines.

Our busy schedules, and more than busy lifestyles, demand products that can serve multiple purposes and save time. Something that you can carry in your purse without feeling the ‘weight’.  That’s the need of the hour!

That’s why many - especially the millennials - prefer beauty products that declutter their cosmetic cases and serve multiple purposes. Furthermore, the inclination for natural, chemical free cosmetic products is on the rise, and finding that one product that could be a ‘savior’ has become imperative so that you do not have to carry a separate toner, cleanser, moisturizer etc.

Purvari’s rosewater mist is a multipurpose, 100% vegan product that works with a holistic approach, giving your skin a natural glow. It can be used as a toner, moisturizer, to set makeup or to cleanse it. It is packaged in small 1oz and 4oz bottles that makes it easy to carry in your purse too!

Here’s how Purvari’s rosewater acts as a multipurpose cosmetic and eases your beauty routines while helping you keep up with your busy lifestyle: 

  • Use it as a primer before applying your makeup
  • It can also be used as a mist to set makeup after application
  • It contains no oils, so there is no fear of bleeding mascara!
  • Keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day
  • You can spray after applying your favorite lotion to lock in moisture
  • It helps enhance the glow of your sheet mask
  • Can be mixed into your favorite dry powder mask
  • Toss it in your gym bag for an after workout spritz
  • Spray between your locks to give a sweet scent
  • Helps you refresh, reinvigorate and relax
  • When mixed with lemon juice, it gives a skin highlight effect
  • Reduces dark under-eye circles (Soak two cotton pads in rosewater, close eyes and cover the under-eye area.)
  • Can be used as a makeup remover
  • Spritz anytime of the day to refresh yourself!

Purvari’s rosewater is a truly multipurpose product, which not only could be a huge time saver in all the chaos, but because it is 100% vegan and chemical free, ensures that your skin is not only superficially cleaned and brightened, but it has a holistic, healing approach that provides long term results that keep your skin glowing - naturally.

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