Tips For Glowing Skin

Its winter and your skin knows it! Flaky, dry, and irritated skin seems to be the norm during winter, but we still must look cute, right?

This takes us on the happy task of adjusting our skincare to accommodate for the dry, cold, and sharp winter air. Here are some tips for a glowing skin during winter – To appear like an ethereal glowing angel in the depths of winter: 

  • Use topical antioxidants: during winter the best thing you can do is use topical antioxidants, which can brighten your complexion while also protecting and healing your skin. Vitamin C helps improve elasticity by stimulating collagen synthesis. Antioxidants are necessary during the winter to maintain a radiant complexion. 
  • Switch up your moisturizer: use hydrating oil, since its drier in the winter months, you can get away with slightly more hydrating product. 
  • Exfoliate like you mean it: exfoliating is also key when it comes to maintaining a glowing complexion through the icy months. Try using a daily exfoliating toner or exfoliate at least twice a week. 
  • Overnight hydration masks: we all love masks, but overnight masks are a whole different ball game: the benefits of a mask, but after being on your skin all night instead of just 10 minutes – Yes please! 
  • Wear SPF: winter sun is just as damaging as summer sun, so ensuring that you are constantly protecting your skin from the rays is a sure way to help you have a more glowing, clear skin. Sun damage is very difficult to reverse and the cold weather should not deter you from applying sunscreen before or after your moisturizer. 
  • Avoid hot showers: its tempting to take a long steamy shower, specially during winter, but this can lead to dry, flaking skin – especially if your skin is already on the dry side. Dermatologists recommend taking lukewarm showers instead. 
  • Use a humidifier: in the winter, the air inside is super dry, meaning that your skin can be getting drier by the minute, specially while you’re sleeping. Adding a humidifier to your bedroom can put moisture back into the air, in turn putting more moisture into your skin – helping you wake up with a glowing skin. 
  • Water, water, water: remembering to drink water is very important when you have a dry, winter skin as it can help you hydrate inside out – your skin will thank you. 
  • Pay attention to your diet: change your diet a bit in the winter. Consume foods rich in Omega 3 like nuts, chia seeds, avocados, fish, yogurt, cheese and milk. Add fruits rich in Vitamin A, C and E to stay moisturized.
  • Use Purvari's rose petal mist: 100% natural and is perfect to keep your skin hydrated throughout the cold winter months. At Purvari, we believe in the purity of the planet and its gifts.  Relying on the same holistic recipes that have been used for thousands of years to care for the skin, our 100% vegan products contain organic flowers, leaves and roots grown naturally, and our products are completely pharm-free. This winter make a change in your skincare routine to see a change in your skin - switch to completely natural products.

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