5 Unique Ways to Use Rose Water

With the seasons changing from warm summer nights to cold, windy days, it's just as important to accommodate your skincare routine accordingly with the upcoming seasonal changes. Now that fall is here, our skin is beginning to dry out and a lot of people may experience rough, patchy skin. However, gentle exfoliation and using a moisturizing clay mask goes a long way during these times. 

Given that covid is still among us, people are resorting to different ways that can help strengthen their immunity and their skin through trying various remedies that include both natural and conventional ingredients. This is where Purvari is happy to help. Our Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask includes turmeric which has been scientifically proven to be an anti-inflammatory herb, as well as reducing blemishes and acne. Our Clay Mask also includes aloe which is known for aiding in faster healing of the skin because of the 72 different unique properties the plant contains. As well as the Multani clay being packed with different minerals to help visibly brighten hyperpigmentation and absorb oil and impurities trapped deep within pores. Our Clay Mask is best known for resetting the ph balance of your skin while purifying any dead skin cells and leaving a smooth, moisturized finish. This Clay Mask is also fragrance free and naturally smells like some of the earth’s best herbs and plants, which is perfect for fall. 


Rose water can be used to make a lip scrub: 

Our Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask along with our Premium Rose Petal Mist is the perfect treat for your skin, especially with the seasonal changes. While the Clay Mask purifies your skin and eliminates excess oil and dirt, the Rose Petal Mist adds that boost of moisture and leaves your skin glowy and fresh. A personal favorite DIY recipe of ours here at Purvari is creating your own sugar lip scrub using the Rose Petal Mist. This combination of products is perfect for your skin year round, but especially right now when our lips start to become chapped and dry from the fall wind. Here’s all you need to do: simply mix one tablespoon of granulated white sugar, as well as one teaspoon of our Rose Petal Mist and apply on your lips while gently exfoliating. It’s as simple as that! And bam, you’ll have perfect, moisturized lips all season long. 


Rose Water can be used to make a hydrating face mask: 

In addition to using the Rose Petal Mist for an exfoliating lip scrub, you can also simply add the mist to our Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask instead of water to give you that extra boost. This is another personal favorite because it’s so easy and smells amazing! The combination of the two products is perfect for the fall and winter seasonal changes coming up and your skin will seriously love you for it. 

Rose water can be used as a nourishing hair spritz: 

One common way to use Rose Petal Mist that not many people know if actually adding a few sprays in your hair. It’s such an amazing and easy way to add a naturally fresh scent to your hair, as well as adding the nutrients and moisture your hair craves during fall. 

Rose water can be added to a bath: 

Another way to boost the natural moisture of your skin and really give your body the ultimate glow is adding our Rose Water to your bubble bath! During these times, our skin is so prone to becoming dry and patchy. So what better way to treat ourselves than having a spa night at home and taking a luxurious bubble bath with a few drops of Purvari added into the water! This method is so simple and easy and will seriously give your skin a great boost. 


Rose water can be added to lotion: 

And lastly, one of our favorite Rose Petal Mist remedies is adding our Rose Water into our favorite lotion. Rose water adds the perfect light, fresh scent to any lotion and helps your skin look dewy and moisturized! We at Purvari love this little tip. 


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