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Our 7pk of Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask harnesses the natural benefits of five organic ingredients to restore skin’s balance using the healing properties of Ayurvedic medicine. A base of purifying clay joins precious rose powder, turmeric, and cooling mint to soften skin, visibly brighten discoloration, and gently resurface. Soothing aloe helps calm troubled areas and promote skin healing.

Certified Organic: No additives, substitutes or fragrance. Paraben-free, vegan, not tested on animals. Gluten-free, No Phthalates and NON-GMO.


MULTANI CLAY: Also known as fuller’s earth is a clay rich in minerals that has been used since ancient times to clarify skin, visually brighten hyperpigmentation, and absorb oil and impurities trapped deep within pores. 

*DRIED ROSE PETAL POWDER: A vitamin-rich Ayurvedic ingredient used traditionally to reduce inflamation, brightens, softens and restore skin’s PH balance. 

*TURMERIC: A powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that can help reduce acne orblemishes, fights free radicals and calm troubled skin. 

*ALOE: Extracted from a desert plant, aloe is a hydrating skin-soother that helps cool,calm, and restore moisture. 

*MINT: In addition to soothing skin, mint has strong antibacterial properties which reduces acne and black heads, can help rejuvenate and tone skin, and lighten acne scars. 

*organic ingredient


Unlike many clay masks, which are sold in wet formats that require toxic preservatives and stabilizers, our pure powder formula contains only clay and whole botanicals. Our plant-based ingredients are real dried and crushed roots, petals, and herbs—not lab-processed plant extracts. Each time you mix the mask powder with the liquid of your choice, you activate powerful polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals—creating truly fresh food for your skin. We do not add fragrance; the scent you experience is the natural aroma of pure flowers and herbs.


A blend of clay and whole botanicals, our clay mask is designed to nurture your complexion with a wholesome nourishment that only 100% natural ingredients can offer. The uses of the clay mask are plentiful and the benefits are even more.

  • Instantly softens and soothes the skin 
  • Anti-aging ingredients fight free radicals and pollution 
  • Brightens the look of dark spots and uneven skin tone 
  • Detoxifies pore impurities and reduces the look of enlarged pores 
  • Exfoliates dead skin and reveals a smoother, softer complexion 
  • Calms irritation and redness 
  • Feeds the skin, keeping it youthful without stripping its natural barriers

This therapeutic formula adapts to your unique skin needs. With our perfect ratio of ingredients, it’s easy to mix, apply and rinse. Choose the mask recipe that’s right for your skin, your mood, and your season of life. For customized treatments, refer to For example, add milk to visibly brighten dark spots or yogurt to balance with probiotics. Use multiple sachets to create an in-home spa treatment, body mask or a detoxifying underarm treatment. For a deeper aroma therapy experience, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a body or under arm mask treatment. Can be used twice a week or more depending on skin type.


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