Wild Roses Or Hybrid Varieties?

Roses have been in our hearts ever since humans have set their eyes upon this passionate flower. Being the pride of many ancient royal gardens, roses have proved their worth in ornamental as well as medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Roses typically grow in temperate climates with low humidity. Naturally grown wild roses exude purity and beauty since they aren’t forced to grow under adverse climatic conditions or with any artificially created environment or fertilizers. These roses and rose petals have slowly become the most sought-after ingredients for preparing 100% natural products – especially for skincare.

Hybrid – how and why

As roses became more and more appeasing for various purposes including decorative, medicinal, cosmetic and gifting, growing hybrid varieties under a controlled environment became a popular trend. This improved their availability any time of the year and any place in the world! These varieties have extraordinary color with vibrant shades and are artificially grown with heavy doses of fertilizers and nutrients to intensify the flower color and encourage flowering canes. They are grown anywhere and everywhere – a very appealing idea when you need to gift a bunch of roses, but when used as an ingredient in skincare products or natural homemade remedies, are we making the right choice? Is there anything we should consider before making a choice of ingredients?

Naturally wild and PURE!

Natural, wild roses have all the virtues that you look for in a flower when you are thinking about using them in chemical free beauty products. Furthermore, these roses are harvested in small batches, and because they are in such demand in the food and dessert industry, it is almost impossible to scale up their volume, so large companies prefer not to release such stock, for fear it will harm their financial bottom line. Purvari roses are grown without any pesticides or harmful fertilizers. This maintains the integrity of the skincare products and your skin benefits from the purity of the vital nutrients that remain intact. 

Purvari, a natural skincare brand known for their rose water and rose water mists ensures that you get the best of what nature has to offer. We use only naturally grown wild roses herbs that are grown organically on India’s fertile farmland, we cultivate and forage the same botanicals that have been used for centuries—no modern hybrids, GMOs, or toxic pesticides.

Dependent on the natural cycles of the earth and the seasonal harvest, our formulas are made in small batches and packed with natural antioxidants that protect and refine the skin. When it comes to effective skincare, nature truly is the only luxury we need!

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