Does Grandma’s Rose Water Still Work?

Grandma knows best – especially when it comes to natural remedies and homemade recipes. When it comes to skincare, her advice was always to steer away from any chemical cosmetics as they make you feel momentarily glamorous, but do more harm than good in the long run.

Among all the natural skincare remedies, rose water definitely is among the favorites. Rose water is not only a classic beauty ingredient, but is also known to provide major benefits to skin, hair, and even the mind. It’s preferred mainly because of its 100% natural ingredients and chemical free nature that gives your skin a touch of purity, leaving it refreshed and pampered.

This heavenly scented liquid has been used in beauty regimes and skincare throughout the ages. Let’s understand why:


Rose water has antibacterial properties and hence can be used in your regular skincare routines. It also has a soothing effect for skin irritations, redness and blemishes.


Rose water has high levels of vitamins including C and E, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radical damage and are a cause of the manifestation of fine lines wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and other signs of aging.


Rose water helps clear pores and control excess oils. Especially for those battling redness and blotchiness of skin, rose water can be soothing and healing.

Stress Relieving

Rose oil and rose water is also used in aromatherapy. Rose water also has a reputation for uplifting spirits and is great for de-stressing.


Rose water is incredibly invigorating, helping to liven up skin by hydrating. It can be used in skincare to help moisturize the skin and even as a cosmetic in facial mists and toners.

So, next time, do not dismiss rose water as something that’s old and ancient. It worked for Grandma, and it definitely has a crucial place in the modern world – not only as a cosmetic, but also as a natural healer for certain skin conditions, as well as in therapy, too. Buy rose water online at

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