Taking Care of Your Skin During Vacation

When traveling you need to keep in mind the following tips to take care of your skin – Whether you’re a frequent flyer or just occasionally traveling:


Do moisturize and hydrate your skin – apply your regular moisturizer before leaving, oils are the best as they penetrate deep into your pores. Pack a refreshing mist to use on the way. It helps keep your skin hydrated in dry circumstances and may mean the difference between arriving looking dried up and dull or looking vibrant and fresh. Try our travel size Rose Petal Mist, it’s the perfect travel companion helping you stay hydrated. 

Do protect your skin with sunscreen – don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and make sure is of at least 30 SPF. You could also opt for daily moisturizer with SPF, it’s a great way to get the much-needed sun protection without having to pack two separate things. 

Do apply lip balm – let’s not forget the lips! One thing a traveler must always have with them is a trusted lip balm. Especially when traveling, lips need hydration and protection. No one wants chapped lips while hiking the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu or donkey-riding the hills of Santorini. 

Do take your Purvari mini - make sure to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized with your Purvari rosewater mist. Our 1 oz bottle is the perfect travel companion.

Don’t …

Don’t skip on drinking water – if there’ s anything that should be remembered from this list it should be to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. We can’t preach enough of how water benefits your skin, it helps expel toxins from our bodies, keep us hydrated and improve your circulation – all which will reflect on your skin.

Don’t wear makeup while traveling – that’s kind of a weird tip, right? Consider going barefaced on your travel day. Makeup settles into pores helping capture microorganisms that stay in your skin. There’s also increased dehydration due to the cabin pressure. So, replace that foundation with a good moisturizer and slather it on. 

Don’t leave the masks behind – you must be thinking, who has time to wear masks while traveling? And you might be right on that, but you can multitask! While you catch on your much-needed beauty sleep, throw a complexion-boosting-hydrating sleep mask while you’re at it. 

Just remember, you don’t want to slack on skin care just because you’re going on a trip!

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