The World of Clay Masks

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The clay mask is timeless and you can find #SkincareMasks made of just about anything these days. Many are based on or contain plant-based ingredients like charcoal, paper, coconut fiber, henna, and aloe. More clinical products boast #SkinMedicinal alcohols like butylene glycol or acids with names like hyaluronic, ferulic, salicylic, and alpha hydroxy as well as other things with names like resveratrol and niacinamide. Others boast healthy vitamins like B, C, and E. 



Natural and even DIY recipes let you apply a garden full of flowers such as lemon balm, rose, calendula, lotus, lavender, and jasmine. Perhaps you'd prefer to wear a pantry full of food like olive oil, honey, egg yolk, cucumbers, oatmeal, cinnamon, yarrow leaf, mint, basil and turmeric, cream, milk yogurt, apple cider vinegar, chocolate, chia seeds, lemon juice, avocado, green tea, papaya, coffee, and baking soda. 


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Purvari's Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask contains rose powder, turmeric, cooling mint, and soothing aloe. It visibly brightens discoloration, softens and gently resurfaces skin while calming troubled areas and promoting healing. It's all natural, organic, vegan, paraben free, and above all; holistic. But what about the clay? 

Why clay of all things?  It's kind of an odd thing to do when you think about it, but civilizations such as India have been using Multani Clay since the 16th century. Clay has been included into skincare routines for hundreds of years and across many civilizations. Why fix what’s not broken? 


multani mitti fullers earth clay


Multani clay is packed with magnesium, silica, calcium, calcite, iron and dolomite which can all contribute to purifying the skin. In combination with rose powder, mint, aloe, and turmeric we have created a powerful and natural clay mask to support your skin’s natural barrier all whilst detoxifying. 

If you are searching for a gentle yet powerful detoxifying mask for your summer routine then check out our Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask here. Subscribe to receive exciting updates from Purvari! 


Purvari Advanced Nourishing Clay Mask


We promise to look after your skin.

Until next time we wish you good skin health and a beautiful summer! 

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