Skincare Tips While Social Distancing

The COVID-19 virus has spread globally, we get to see those numbers climb higher up each day with hopes that soon they will start coming down – With all this, it is easy to become anxious and fearful. We started hearing stories of how a friend of a friend was immunocompromised and got the virus. As days have passed, the virus has gotten to people that we know, so we start being fearful for our loved ones. If you coupled that fear with the loss of income and the shelter in place mandate, where we are allowed to leave our homes only for essential things – It is easy to descend into despair.

The COVID-19 pandemic will soon be history. Let’s take this opportunity to control what we can, accept what we can’t and take full advantage of the innumerable hidden positive things that await us. So, for now we can take advantage of the time we have, to take better care of ourselves and our skin. Here are some tips to take care of your skin while at home:

  • Try to Keep Up Your Regular Routine
  • This social distancing has many of us ditching our regular hair and makeup routines, as we settle into our new normal at home. So, let’s not lie that it can be tempting to get a little lazy with our skincare routine. But when it comes to skincare, consistency is the key! Continuing your normal regime morning and night will keep your skin on track. Avoiding a dulled and dehydrated complexion, more congestion, and clogged pores. And with your regular routine, let’s not forget to include our amazing rose petal mist

  • Do at Home Facials
  • Let’s keep it real it can also be a nice distraction! With social distancing and all spas closed, it’s going to be a while for us to be able to indulge in those much-needed facials. So, we are encouraging an at-home facial at least once a week. This will help decongest pores, improve circulation, remove excess dead skin cells, and nurture the skin with beneficial nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, and antioxidants. To simulate a spa experience, make sure you: double or triple cleanse your skin. Use an at-home steamer to help open your pores, if you don’t have one you can cover your head with a towel, then place your face over a pot of hot water with essential oils or herbal tea. Exfoliate to help remove dead skin cells. Apply a mask, focused on your skin needs like acne, dryness, etc. wash off your mask and massage your skin all around your face focusing movement upwards. Press a touch of toner into the skin using cotton pads to hydrate and balance it out. Now that your pores are opened, it’s time to soak in some nutrients with a serum and a moisturizer.

  • Don’t Forget the SPF
  • Just because you are inside (mostly) it doesn’t mean you don’t need protection from those damaging rays that come through windows in our home or apartment. And now that you have the time, you want to be extra diligent about wearing your daily sunscreen to keep your skin protected. So, SPF-Up!

  • Take Care of Your Skin – Inside Out  
  • We can’t talk about the current state of your skin without acknowledging the fact that your body’s stress response is likely high in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, eating a well–balanced diet, drinking enough water, and exercising will result in having a glowing skin. 

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