Mother's Day Gift To Show That You Care!

When words don’t seem enough, a gift could say it all!

Mother’s day is just around the corner and when it comes to selecting a perfect gift for the most perfect person in your life, there’s a no easy way. Most gifts in the market seem so ‘common’ and just don’t express enough.

Make this Mother’s Day special in every way. Buy something that both you and your mom will love! Gifting cosmetic and beauty products has always been a ‘Mother-Daughter’ thing. Getting the latest from the shelves and looking for that ‘magic’ glossy new thing has been a way to celebrate! Well, even if your mother is not someone who is particularly tapped in the beauty world, this year, gift her something that will make a difference.

Pure and gentle, Purvari’s rose water is soothing, refreshing and a great addition to yours as well as your mom’s beauty kits and it’s a best skin care gifts for Mother's Day. Make the gift even more appealing in the following ways:

Pack it beautifully – or gift it as it is!

Beautiful packing with satin and laces always works like magic. She spent years packing your birthday and Christmas gifts – just to see that twinkle in your eye and that smile on your face. Pack her Rose Patel Mist gift set with ribbons and laces. The gift sets are good to gift as it is too!

Lace it up with a bunch of roses

Rose petal mist with a bunch of roses – will definitely bring that smile on your mom’s face. The combination simply works together. The subtle fragrance of roses and the natural glory they exude, along with Purvari’s Rose Petal Mist makes a very elegant combination for a gift.

Even for moms who don’t wear too much makeup

That’s right, rose water isn’t cosmetic – it’s chemical free and yet offers all the goodness of nature to keep your skin blemish free and radiant. Floral essence is particularly therapeutic and ensures that your skin feels refreshed and youthful. It’s a perfect way to tone your skin and give it a healthy overall glow.

Rosewater is ageless – it’s for you & me, perfect gift for mom and for your granny. It’s a perfect way to show that you care. It’s a perfect gift for - A Gorgeous Mom & a Gorgeous You!

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