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Little Drops of Purity


Known for their delicate beauty and wonderful fragrance, roses have always been a symbol of love and beauty. The significance of the rose has been celebrated in art, literature, poetry and mythology throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Roses have also been an integral part of medieval gardens and were used especially in perfumes.

But, roses are much more than ornamental flowers that are adored for their beauty and aroma. Roses have found a place as ‘healers’ in medicinal as well as therapeutic applications. For over a thousand years, rose petals have been used to prepare rose water and essential oils.

Rose water exudes purity, and we at Purvari have packaged those little drops of purity for you in the form of rose water and rose water mist.  

To maintain the purity of the rose water, Purvari ensures that the roses are grown without pesticides and harmful fertilizers and only 2 ingredients are used, pure water & the petals of organic wild roses. The rose petals are processed with steam distillation that gently coaxes fresh petals to release microscopic droplets of rose oil and water-soluble nutrients. The petals are distilled only once, and hence maintain all their natural goodness.

Pure and gentle, this rose water has many uses:

It’s medicinal

Rose water is cooling and soothing. It contains mild, natural ingredients that have a healing effect unlike the synthetic chemicals used in most of the beauty products today. It helps hydrate dry and damaged skin. It can also be used to soothe skin conditions like eczema. Whether you are treating infant, teenage or aging skin, rose water can be used to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue. It keeps your skin nourished and moisturized so that it looks and feels fresh.

It’s cosmetic

Rose water has cosmetic value too. You can use it as a primer and toner before makeup or a mist to set your makeup after application. You can spray it on after applying moisturizer to lock in moisture. Spray it on your sheet mask to enhance the glow. And, it can be used as a deodorant too! Mixed with lemon juice, it works as a and can also be used to reduce the effects of dark patches under the eyes.

It’s therapeutic

Rose water has a subtle aroma that is refreshing and soothing and causes a holistic, relaxation effect. Simply inhaling the aroma of roses uplifts your spirits and helps you unwind after a stressful day. The fragrance is known to be used in aroma therapy to aid in relief from trauma, grief, depression and stress. When used innovatively, rosewater could be used in therapy to create a sense of well-being.

 Who knew these little drops of purity could produce such powerful effects! Moving on from chemical concoctions, rose water could be a refreshing addition to not only our beauty regimes, but also for overall wellness of our mind and body.

Gentle Skincare for the Teens


Among the top skin problems for teens is excess oiliness and acne. For some teens it’s just an occasional pimple, yet, for some others it’s an aggressive breakout. Increased hormone levels coupled with increased oiliness of the skin often goes hand in hand with blemishes, whiteheads or blackheads. Teenagers have struggled with skin-aches since the dawn of time.

Further, today’s teens are growing up in a selfie and Instagram driven age. Being constantly under the selfie spotlight, they have become more conscious of their skin and what it takes to keep it glamorous and glowing. Apart from that being a motivation - teens have also become more health conscious and along with eating right they also care about the right products for their skin.

The first step towards a clean and clear skin is to re-evaluate the products that are applied. Choose Products that are powerful enough to remove excess oil, yet, free from aggressive surfactants so as to avoid irritation and inflammation.

Organic products that have all the goodness of nature and few to almost null side effects will give the teenage skin the gentle care it requires.

Here are a few things to consider for your teenager’s skincare:


Regular cleansing is one of the most effective ways to control acne. The extra oil that is generated sticks the dead skin cells together, leading to build up and clogged pores. Cleansing with gentle cleansers will ensure that this does not happen and at the same time they don’t damage and dry the skin. Natural skincare products are gentle and do not lead to over aggressive cleaning that results in increased oil production and breakouts.

Acne prone skin

For acne prone skin, choosing a moisturizer could be difficult. Look for lightweight textures with balancing and soothing ingredients – floral waters, plant extracts – etc. Hydration is extremely important as dried out skin automatically starts producing more oil making the skin look and feel worse. 100% natural skincare products such as rose water are absorbed into the skin, soothe the irritated skin and helps balance the skin.

Non-clogging make up

It’s quite understandable to use make up to hide blemishes. But, it’s essential to also understand that heavy foundations often make things worse. Organic products, especially those made from rose petals and other natural ingredients are non-clogging and even out your skin tone too by blurring out the spots. This gives your skin a long term – fresh and radiant look.


Triggered by the changing hormone levels, excess sweating is another very common problem for teens. Antiperspirants are usually based on synthetic compounds and artificial fragrances. They try to prevent sweating by blocking the pores. Choosing natural deodorants give a soft and gentle aroma are perfect for the teen’s sensitive skin. Calming and odor-controlling blend of natural plant essences ensures natural all-day protection against unpleasant aroma without clogging the pores or disturbing the natural processes and functions of the body. Soft and gentle aroma is soothing too.

 100% natural skincare for teens will have long term effects  leaving the skin looking healthy and full of life – just like your teenager!

Let’s be Honest & Gentle with Our Skin

Let’s be honest & gentle with our skin.jpg

In a time when everyone is always on the go, always in a rush and has very little time to think about the right skincare products, it’s very easy to get influenced by those miraculous products on the glossy pages of beauty and cosmetic magazines. They are available just about everywhere and are very convenient to buy. With dazzling customer claims, attractive packaging and glossy ads – are you choosing beauty products for the right reasons?

While we’ve all fallen for beautiful packaging and miraculous claims, it’s essential that we understand that these products are brimming with unnatural ingredients and additives that are used to increase shelf-life. These could be harsh on your skin.

Let’s begin with honesty - and consider what our skin actually needs. Our skin is very sensitive and can react quickly to what does not suit it, whether it’s a change in diet or a new cosmetic product.

So, we really need to pay attention to what we apply on our skin. Even when you try a series of organic skincare products, understand why you are choosing them.

Here are a few things to consider when you decide:

Skin-conscious decisions

Being health conscious and eating right and being fit is always on our agenda. Being skin-conscious is just as important. Whatever you apply on your skin is absorbed and determines how your skin looks and feels. So, choosing the right skincare products that aren’t harsh on your skin and do not cause any damage are the best choice. Especially organic products like rose water, which is gentle on your skin, and very soothing.

Think about long term effects – not instant glamour

It is true that some pharmaceutically-produced cosmetic products have instant effects. But if the skin is absorbing chemicals there is more chance of damage to the skin. CARE for your skin should always be long- term. Rather than instant glamour, consider something that will give you lasting results. This type of care is only possible with 100% natural products.

Think of what your skin wants and how it reacts to what you put on it

Our skin has its own way of reacting to whatever we apply on it. So, if you treat it with ‘care’ and empathy, you will see that it looks fresh and rejuvenated. Natural products have a lasting effect on the skin and do not have any additives that could irritate the skin.

While the market is also flooded with organic products, and the choices are many, re-think your skincare products and make an honest and conscious decision of choosing only 100% natural for your skin.

Purvari is a rose-petal based product made using just two ingredients, real rose petals and water. This almost nullifies the use of any ‘additives’ that could be harmful to your skin.  Rose petal mists from Purvari are held to the highest standards of quality and purity, and being 100% natural, they are packed with active nutrients and antioxidants that feed your skin with real, holistic goodness.