Let’s be Honest & Gentle with Our Skin

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In a time when everyone is always on the go, always in a rush and has very little time to think about the right skincare products, it’s very easy to get influenced by those miraculous products on the glossy pages of beauty and cosmetic magazines. They are available just about everywhere and are very convenient to buy. With dazzling customer claims, attractive packaging and glossy ads – are you choosing beauty products for the right reasons?

While we’ve all fallen for beautiful packaging and miraculous claims, it’s essential that we understand that these products are brimming with unnatural ingredients and additives that are used to increase shelf-life. These could be harsh on your skin.

Let’s begin with honesty - and consider what our skin actually needs. Our skin is very sensitive and can react quickly to what does not suit it, whether it’s a change in diet or a new cosmetic product.

So, we really need to pay attention to what we apply on our skin. Even when you try a series of organic skincare products, understand why you are choosing them.

Here are a few things to consider when you decide:

Skin-conscious decisions

Being health conscious and eating right and being fit is always on our agenda. Being skin-conscious is just as important. Whatever you apply on your skin is absorbed and determines how your skin looks and feels. So, choosing the right skincare products that aren’t harsh on your skin and do not cause any damage are the best choice. Especially organic products like rose water, which is gentle on your skin, and very soothing.

Think about long term effects – not instant glamour

It is true that some pharmaceutically-produced cosmetic products have instant effects. But if the skin is absorbing chemicals there is more chance of damage to the skin. CARE for your skin should always be long- term. Rather than instant glamour, consider something that will give you lasting results. This type of care is only possible with 100% natural products.

Think of what your skin wants and how it reacts to what you put on it

Our skin has its own way of reacting to whatever we apply on it. So, if you treat it with ‘care’ and empathy, you will see that it looks fresh and rejuvenated. Natural products have a lasting effect on the skin and do not have any additives that could irritate the skin.

While the market is also flooded with organic products, and the choices are many, re-think your skincare products and make an honest and conscious decision of choosing only 100% natural for your skin.

Purvari is a rose-petal based product made using just two ingredients, real rose petals and water. This almost nullifies the use of any ‘additives’ that could be harmful to your skin.  Rose petal mists from Purvari are held to the highest standards of quality and purity, and being 100% natural, they are packed with active nutrients and antioxidants that feed your skin with real, holistic goodness.

Why choose natural skincare for children?


Whether you are a first-time parent or a seasoned one, choice of childcare products have always been a paralyzing paradox. Whether it is skin care, bath time or bedtime regimes, product selection places a lot of responsibility on the caretaker. When it comes to choosing products to put on your little one's skin, the choice becomes even harder. A baby's skin is thinner, delicate and more permeable than an adult. It hence becomes essential that when you walk down that baby care products aisle, select the right products for your baby.

If it gets too overwhelming, remember that – whenever in doubt – try the natural one. Most products in the market seem pharmaceutical and smell like a mix of chemicals. Some of these could do more harm than any good to your baby's skin in the long term. It’s time to avoid the pharmaceutical and think of what nature has to offer.

Of all the skin care products, (even the natural ones), rose petals have been proven to be more effective and safe – especially if you are trying out something new for your infant. Most of the rose water products available today are made from clear water and pure rose petals. The process used to prepare rose water is by steam distillation. It retains most of the healing and therapeutic value of the ingredients.

How is Purvari Different?

Purvari specializes in luxurious plant-based products that care for the blooming health of your skin. Carefully blending pristine floral waters, undiluted herbal extracts, and soothing natural minerals, Purvari gathers the best of what nature has to offer to give your baby’s skin, the gentle care and nourishment it deserves.

Soothing - ultra-gentle and pure

The developing skin requires a soothing, moisturizing effect. Use products that are kind to your skin and have little or no chances of any side effects.  The soothing rose scent can even purportedly help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep

Nourishing – for delicate infant skin

Most of the natural skin care products offer chemical-free nourishment to the skin. They are perfect for the delicate infant skin that does not need to be exposed to harsh chemical-based products.

Healing – chemical-free care

Rose water contains mild, natural ingredients and no irritating synthetic chemicals and has a natural healing effect on the infant skin.

When you are overwhelmed with options while choosing skin care products for your baby, it’s always safer to select something that’s pure, gentle and closer to nature.

Is it time to re-think your skincare?


Skincare does not need to be complicated. It is more about understanding and empathizing with what your skin wants. Just like our body absorbs the food and nutrients we put in, our skin too absorbs almost 64% of what we apply on it. That's why it is essential to be mindful of what you are putting on your skin.

So, think about what you applied to your skin this morning – and yesterday – and the day before that? Is it time to re-think your skin care options? Is it time to put your skin on an organic, natural and nutritious skincare ‘diet' and prevent it from absorbing toxins and other unnecessary chemicals?

Usually, our skincare cosmetics are an extensive collection of masks, creams, moisturizers and lots more. Many of these products are more pharmaceutical than natural and contain chemical compositions that strip your skin of their natural oil. Further, some of the ingredients may cause skin irritation too, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Choosing skin care products deserves careful consideration.

So, is it time to re-think your skin care options?

Let's begin with giving your skin a break! A break from the evils of reactions, irritations, and rashes. This time, indulge in all-natural skincare. When it comes to all natural skin care, rose petals have been proven to be skin-friendly with rich benefits and naturally healing capabilities.

We at Purvari are passionate about using the wisdom of nature and its healing abilities to empathize and understand exactly what our skin needs. Among everything that’s natural, rosewater is known to have natural nutrients that are ‘kind' to your skin.  It is more therapeutic and non-pharmaceutical - that’s what makes it a perfect choice for your daily skincare.

Purvari’s Rose Petal Mist is designed to nurture your skin and complexion with wholesome, chemical-free nourishment that's as pristine and natural as the skin itself. It is rich in natural water-soluble nutrients that can only be extracted from petals through steam distillation or steeping. Roses are known to be a natural source of vitamin C, geraniol and quercetin – antioxidants that exhibit mild anti-inflammatory, soothing, and brightening properties.

The benefits of everything ‘organic' and ‘natural' have been known for a thousand years – and now it's time to re-think our options, going back to the roots of what nature has to offer and make a mindful decision about our skincare.

Buying a quality rose water

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The Real Rose Water Difference

Real rosewater has been made for thousands of years. It’s distilled from pure rose petals and remains as nature intended with no artificial additives. Purvari Rose Petal Mist is clearly marked, “steamed distillate rosa damascena,” which lets you know that it was made by steam-distilling pure rose petals. 

 Our Raw Ingredients vs Others

Purvari Rose Petal Mist is made using only two ingredients: pure water and the petals of organic Ganganagri and Pushkar wild roses. Our pristine rose petals are hand-picked on organic rose farms nestled in Rajasthan, “Land of Kings,” an area known as the jewel in India’s crown.  To ensure the purity of Purvari Rose Petal Mist, our roses are grown without pesticides or harmful fertilizers that could corrupt the integrity of our product or inhibit its skin benefits.  

When comparing Purvari to other brands, examine the ingredient listings. The longer the ingredient list is, the less pure the product. Additives are added to increase shelf life or replace natural ingredients. Often, if the roses have been over-processed, altered or irradiated, they will not have a potent rose smell. Some brands add fragrance to make up for the weak scent of poor quality petals. If you see fragrance on the ingredient listing, it usually indicates that the aroma is not from the rose itself, but a fragrance that has been added to satisfy the unknowing consumer. 

 Our Process vs Others

Each bottle of Purvari Rose Petal Mist is 100% natural and made with approximately 250 grams of organic rose petals. We follow a traditional steam distillation process, handed down for centuries, that gently coaxes fresh petals to release microscopic droplets of rose oil and water-soluble nutrients.  Unlike other brands, our petals are distilled only once—ensuring that your mist contains all the whole nutrients of the rose. After distillation, the rosewater is cooled and mixed to suspend the natural oils in the water. We harvest our rose crop all year long and pride ourselves on the time and energy we put into producing the finest rosewater on the market.

There is a world of difference between steam-distilled rosewater and the partially or wholly synthetic concoctions produced in a lab and sold as rose flower water, rose flower extract, and in some cases, rose hydrosol.  Watch out for products that are simply water mixed with rose essential oil and fragrance; these do not contain the same beneficial plant compounds extracted through distillation. If you see fragrance added, it is often a sign that the roses have been distilled multiple times to remove as much of the expensive rose oil as possible, compromising the holistic properties and scent. We have also seen synthetic fragrance mixed with water and sold as a rosewater spray; these products have no therapeutic value for your skin and are nothing more than diluted perfume. 


Benefits of Purvari Rose Petal Mist 

Thanks to our traditional steam distillation method and lack of coarse manufacturing processes, Purvari Rose Petal Mist stimulates, softens, and hydrates your skin in genuine luxury. By hydrating the skin, the mist reduces the look of lines and wrinkles on the face, while antioxidant plant compounds help visibly brighten the complexion and protect it against free radical damage. 

It starts with a rose: The Process of Making Purvari Rose Petal Mist


Roses have been grow in the fertile soil of Rajasthan, India for hundreds of years. The flowers grown in this region are prized for their rich floral aroma and the precious essential oil locked inside each petal. Purvari’s roses are grown in Rajasthan on organic farms without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers in order to preserve the natural wholesomeness of the flowers.  

The roses bloom sporadically throughout the year in Rajasthan’s arid climate, and are hand-picked all year long as the seasons progress. As soon as they are plucked from the stem, the roses are transported to a distillation facility where they are distilled while still fresh and fragrant.

At the distillation facility, our roses undergo traditional steam distillation. We follow a time-honored process, handed down for centuries, that gently coaxes fresh petals to release microscopic droplets of rose oil and water-soluble nutrients like vitamin C. As steam is applied to the rose, the petals release their oils and nutrients, which are then condensed into pure rosewater. Our petals are distilled only once—ensuring that your mist contains all the whole nutrients of the rose.  All in all, it takes 60 grams of rose petals to make a single bottle of Purvari Rose Petal Mist.


After distillation, the rosewater is cooled and mixed to suspend the natural oils in the water. It is then sent to the United States where we bottle and package it for our customers.


Because of the time and care we take to preserve the wholesomeness of the rose itself, Purvari Rose Petal Mist maintains the beneficial nutrients of the rose itself. Roses are a natural source of vitamin C, geraniol, and quercetin—antioxidants that have be shown to exhibit mild anti-inflammatory, soothing, and brightening properties. Maintaining the efficacy of these natural glow-boosting nutrients is at the heart of what we do because your skin knows the difference.