How to Use Rosewater for Dry Skin

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Especially if you have dry skin, you can relate to the feeling of using most soaps and face washes, which make your skin stretchy and noticeably uncomfortable. Keeping your skin hydrated could be such a task and 90% of the time, figuring out a balanced skincare routine seems almost impossible. Skincare experts and dermatologists all over the world believe that customized skin care, depending on skin type, is the key to unlocking the secret of a healthy and glowing skin. Furthermore, including more natural ingredients rather than chemical packed cosmetics has become an increasingly popular trend.

Rosewater is becoming one of the essential ingredients for skincare, especially for those with dry skin. One reason that this fragrant liquid suits dry skin is that it refines your pores without drying your skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and visibly improves the texture.

So, if your skin is dry, here’s how you can use rose water effectively:

  • It can be used as a toner. Unlike most toners available on the market, rosewater is extremely gentle on the skin.

  • Frequently, in combination with other moisturizing ingredients, it works wonders for dry skin.

  • It cleanses dry skin and helps get rid of residual dirt and grime (without drying the skin, unlike some of the common cleansers used).  It leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

  • It is easily absorbed into your skin and provides a non-greasy and long-lasting hydration.

  • Mix it with a little lemon, and the vitamin C could help fade any marks or scars – rejuvenating your skin.

Dry skin is difficult to maintain, in all weather conditions, and requires care and nurturing to keep it looking healthy, supple and glowing. The usual cosmetics are up to the brim with chemicals and could do more harm than good in the long run. 100% natural skincare products such as rose water and rosewater mist could be a great addition to your skincare routine.

It’s also crucial that you select your rosewater products with care. Check and double check for products that are simply mixtures of fragrant essential oils and water, as opposed to those that are made from pure and natural ingredients.

Dry skin need not be so difficult to tackle – once you make the right choice of skincare products!

Wild Roses or Hybrid Varieties?

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Roses have been in our hearts ever since humans have set their eyes upon this passionate flower. Being the pride of many ancient royal gardens, roses have proved their worth in ornamental as well as medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Roses typically grow in temperate climates with low humidity. Naturally grown wild roses exude purity and beauty since they aren’t forced to grow under adverse climatic conditions or with any artificially created environment or fertilizers. These roses and rose petals have slowly become the most sought-after ingredients for preparing 100% natural products – especially for skincare.

Hybrid – how and why

As roses became more and more appeasing for various purposes including decorative, medicinal, cosmetic and gifting, growing hybrid varieties under a controlled environment became a popular trend. This improved their availability any time of the year and any place in the world! These varieties have extraordinary color with vibrant shades and are artificially grown with heavy doses of fertilizers and nutrients to intensify the flower color and encourage flowering canes. They are grown anywhere and everywhere – a very appealing idea when you need to gift a bunch of roses, but when used as an ingredient in skincare products or natural homemade remedies, are we making the right choice? Is there anything we should consider before making a choice of ingredients?

Naturally wild and PURE!

Natural, wild roses have all the virtues that you look for in a flower when you are thinking about using them in chemical free beauty products. Furthermore, these roses are harvested in small batches, and because they are in such demand in the food and dessert industry, it is almost impossible to scale up their volume, so large companies prefer not to release such stock, for fear it will harm their financial bottom line. Purvari roses are grown without any pesticides or harmful fertilizers. This maintains the integrity of the skincare products and your skin benefits from the purity of the vital nutrients that remain intact. 

Purvari, a natural skincare brand known for their rose water and rose water mists ensures that you get the best of what nature has to offer. We use only naturally grown wild roses herbs that are grown organically on India’s fertile farmland, we cultivate and forage the same botanicals that have been used for centuries—no modern hybrids, GMOs, or toxic pesticides.

Dependent on the natural cycles of the earth and the seasonal harvest, our formulas are made in small batches and packed with natural antioxidants that protect and refine the skin. When it comes to effective skincare, nature truly is the only luxury we need!

Does Grandma’s Rose Water Still Work?


Grandma knows best – especially when it comes to natural remedies and homemade recipes. When it comes to skincare, her advice was always to steer away from any chemical cosmetics as they make you feel momentarily glamorous, but do more harm than good in the long run.

Among all the natural skincare remedies, rose water definitely is among the favorites. Rose water is not only a classic beauty ingredient, but is also known to provide major benefits to skin, hair, and even the mind. It’s preferred mainly because of its 100% natural ingredients and chemical free nature that gives your skin a touch of purity, leaving it refreshed and pampered.

This heavenly scented liquid has been used in beauty regimes and skincare throughout the ages. Let’s understand why:


Rose water has antibacterial properties and hence can be used in your regular skincare routines. It also has a soothing effect for skin irritations, redness and blemishes.


Rose water has high levels of vitamins including C and E, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radical damage and are a cause of the manifestation of fine lines wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation and other signs of aging.


Rose water helps clear pores and control excess oils. Especially for those battling redness and blotchiness of skin, rose water can be soothing and healing.

Stress Relieving

Rose oil and rose water is also used in aromatherapy. Rose water also has a reputation for uplifting spirits and is great for de-stressing.


Rose water is incredibly invigorating, helping to liven up skin by hydrating. It can be used in skincare to help moisturize the skin and even as a cosmetic in facial mists and toners.

So, next time, do not dismiss rose water as something that’s old and ancient. It worked for Grandma, and it definitely has a crucial place in the modern world – not only as a cosmetic, but also as a natural healer for certain skin conditions, as well as in therapy, too. Buy rose water online at

Little Drops of Purity


Known for their delicate beauty and wonderful fragrance, roses have always been a symbol of love and beauty. The significance of the rose has been celebrated in art, literature, poetry and mythology throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Roses have also been an integral part of medieval gardens and were used especially in perfumes.

But, roses are much more than ornamental flowers that are adored for their beauty and aroma. Roses have found a place as ‘healers’ in medicinal as well as therapeutic applications. For over a thousand years, rose petals have been used to prepare rose water and essential oils.

Rose water exudes purity, and we at Purvari have packaged those little drops of purity for you in the form of rose water and rose water mist.  

To maintain the purity of the rose water, Purvari ensures that the roses are grown without pesticides and harmful fertilizers and only 2 ingredients are used, pure water & the petals of organic wild roses. The rose petals are processed with steam distillation that gently coaxes fresh petals to release microscopic droplets of rose oil and water-soluble nutrients. The petals are distilled only once, and hence maintain all their natural goodness.

Pure and gentle, this rose water has many uses:

It’s medicinal

Rose water is cooling and soothing. It contains mild, natural ingredients that have a healing effect unlike the synthetic chemicals used in most of the beauty products today. It helps hydrate dry and damaged skin. It can also be used to soothe skin conditions like eczema. Whether you are treating infant, teenage or aging skin, rose water can be used to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue. It keeps your skin nourished and moisturized so that it looks and feels fresh.

It’s cosmetic

Rose water has cosmetic value too. You can use it as a primer and toner before makeup or a mist to set your makeup after application. You can spray it on after applying moisturizer to lock in moisture. Spray it on your sheet mask to enhance the glow. And, it can be used as a deodorant too! Mixed with lemon juice, it works as a and can also be used to reduce the effects of dark patches under the eyes.

It’s therapeutic

Rose water has a subtle aroma that is refreshing and soothing and causes a holistic, relaxation effect. Simply inhaling the aroma of roses uplifts your spirits and helps you unwind after a stressful day. The fragrance is known to be used in aroma therapy to aid in relief from trauma, grief, depression and stress. When used innovatively, rosewater could be used in therapy to create a sense of well-being.

 Who knew these little drops of purity could produce such powerful effects! Moving on from chemical concoctions, rose water could be a refreshing addition to not only our beauty regimes, but also for overall wellness of our mind and body.

Rosewater – to Protect Your Skin from All the Stress


The mind and the skin are intertwined in many more ways than we know of. Some, if not all skin troubles take their roots in the mind. A lot of nerve endings are connected to the skin, and as emotions are played out neurologically, their impact can be seen on the skin too. Well, when your mind is stressed, sometimes the skin expresses it in the form of acne, irritations and sometimes even eczema.

So, when you feel the stress and see its impact on your skin, relaxation therapy can work like magic to alleviate your mood. Giving yourself a break to relax and unwind is one place you can start. Give your skin a break too! Apply soothing rose water to reduce the breakouts and irritations. Among all the known organic skincare products, rose water is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its power to soothe an angry skin.

Are you and your skin stressed out? Here’s how rose water can help!

Anti-inflammatory properties

Rose water is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When applied on irritated skin, can help soothe with gentle, chemical-free care. It not only helps combat the itching, but also helps reduce the redness. This is especially true when your skin reacts to stress with breakouts of acne, irritations, eczema etc.

 Restorative properties

Rose water is a perfect cleanser. It removes excess oil, unclogs the pores and helps hydrate, revitalize and moisturize your skin. So, other than soothing and curing your skin after acne breakouts, it also helps tone your skin and reduce the marks. It has amazing skin restoration properties. It’s essential however, they you include it as a daily routine so that the effects are long lasting.

Mood booster

All that a stressed mind and a stressed skin requires is a mood booster. Well, what better than the mild fragrance of roses to uplift your spirits. The therapeutic nature of rose water helps you relax your senses, unwind and relieve your mind of all the stress. A stress-free mind results in a stress-free skin! The mild fragrance of rose water can help you sleep better and wake up happily refreshed.

 A simple spritz of rose water mist could work like magic in uplifting your mood, relieving stress and soothing your skin too. It is designed to nurture the skin with a chemical free nourishment with gentle and 100% natural ingredients that are not only natural ‘healers’ but also therapeutic and cosmetic. This simple blend of rose petals and water could be your all in one skin care solution.